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Paintings, pots and picnics in Cley

I recently spent week on the north coast of Norfolk, an area full of  pubs that reek with atmosphere, little cobble cottages and vast barns just begging to be converted.

I love the typography in these signs

The Village of Cley-next-to-sea boasts an 18th century windmill run as a B&B (which randomly was owned by the family of James Blunt), wildlife marshes, a rustic ceramic studio ‘Made in Cley’ (hey!), a gorgeous deli and the lovely Pinkfoot Gallery

The Pinkfoot gallery with work by Rachel Lockwood, Anthony Theakston and Geoff Harlow. Pics from the Pinkwood gallery.

The Pinkfoot Gallery contains a diverse range of work inspired by British nature. I especially love the paintings by Rachel Lockwood and the clean lines of Anthony Theakstons scuptures.

Ceramics from Made in Cley & picnic heaven at the award-winning Picnic Fayre deli.

Made in Cley is a sort of collective run by 8 members. It’s set up is unusual in the pottery world, members share all aspects of pottery making and processing such as glazing, firing and selling. They describe their work as the result of a continuous exchange of ideas and cross influences, hence pots sold are not signed individually by the potters, but under the Made in Cley name.  A refreshing approach to designing and making!

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  1. Great post. Makes me want to go there!! :)

    April 16, 2012
    • Thanks Tanya! Well if you ever come back to the UK on holiday, perhaps I can be your guide… or at least point your in the right direction! :-) x

      April 16, 2012

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