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Cosy chandeliers and sculptures

This Sunday I visited the pottery market at  Stamford Arts Centre with a friend and our children. Then afterwards,  to celebrate our kids not breaking anything we headed for The Cosy Club.

Stamford arts centre is a place of Georgian loveliness with vast glam chandeliers. But for me, the highlights of the pottery show were the rustic, quirky dog sculptures and Ahern influenced lamps of David Herbert and the elegant ceramics of The Raku Garden (who incidentally also offer holiday pottery courses  on the Croatian Island of Brac).

Now, onto The Cosy Club which is situated in the heart of Stamford. You must not be confused by the name…it is big!  The cosy reference really comes from the eclectic decor. It is part of a small chain, described by them as gents club meets village hall meets cricket pavilion. Well I thought it was more ’30s shipwrecked cruise liner meets Highlands castle, but whatever the original inspiration was, it is visionary.

Chatting to the owner we discovered that the ceiling hung lampshades were imported from Louisiana, the utilitarian light fixtures and furnishings from Lithuania and the animal heads from Germany. It is impressive that that they have made the effort to re-use original artifacts rather than manufactured look-alikes like so many pub chains do. The effect really is genuinely original, warm and well…..cosy!

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