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Inside outside inspiration

If you are anything like me, now that the summer has arrived all you can think about is being outside.

I love the idea of an outside living room….a ‘summer room’ if you like, complete with insects, tweeting birds …oh yes and the occasional downpour.

So here are some inside outside inspirational pictures to get you thinking about making the most of your outdoor space…

These are fantastic colours for an outside living space, the pink & lilac makes green from shrubs and grass really sing. Even if you do not have this sea view (mmm not many do), green blue can be thrown into the mix.

The rug may be  impractical in a wet climate, but cushions and throws can be easily whipped away when the clouds form.

I also love the sense of height and enclosure gained from the pergola and curtain.

Pink and lilac with green again…and the white painted wall and mirror really brighten things up.

White curtains soften a pergola and can be drawn to create atmosphere at night. They can work in wet and breezy climates if made from weatherproof fabric and weighted at the hem.

Silver galvanised and glass accessories together with string lights add glimmer and reflection when the sun starts to go down.

You don’t need an amazing view to have a stunning outlook. Here timber cladding and a living ivy covered wall have created a gorgeous backdrop and sense of enclosure.

This simple structure from is sculptural in its own right. It also adds height, creates privacy in an overlooked garden and provides a space to sit outside even when it rains.

Wooden architectural screening filters sunlight, creates height and could be useful to screen off unattractive areas.

I hope this inspires you to make the most of your outside space and the weather…whilst it lasts!

Images from top to bottom:  Sveinung Bråthen,,,,,,

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  1. What inspiring images, I really love the rustic feel of image two and the wooden screening in the last image. It’s a great idea to use mirrors in the garden, I wonder where I can use them in mine :)

    May 28, 2012
  2. Thanks Kelly, glad you are inspired! The mirror idea is really lovely, I like the way it bounces light into that dark corner. I love the screening too, just trying to work out where I can fit some into my garden! x

    May 28, 2012

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