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At Clarkenwell Design Week, there was one particular textile artist that stood out. Surface pattern and textile designer Imogen Heath is someone whose love of her art shines through in her designs.

Cushions by Imogen Heath

Based in Brighton & Hove, Imogen creates patterns for fabric and cushions and sells them via her website and Heals, she also works on commission.


Combining a delicate hand-drawn floral motif with splashes of bright colour ‘Dahlia’ is a modern take on a classic floral design.


My personal favourite, meadow is a stunning contemporary floral design featuring a tonal colour palette of lemons and limes. It also comes in two further colourways


Amazing colours… ‘Rosa’ is invigorating. Can you smell the roses from there?

Within her blog postings for The Art of the Bespoke Imogen describes the creative process for her best selling gorgeous Dahlia design.

Dahlia was created in an afternoon in France….

Starting with sketches.

Rendered in watercolour then arranged it into an all-over pattern in Photoshop.

Aren’t these designs from a good place? I love the fact her original artwork has made it through to the market without being messed with. Her enjoyment of her art shines through to make beautiful sincere designs that will stand the test of time.

Images all thanks to Imogen Heath and The Art of the Bespoke

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  1. Laura D #

    I totally agree. Her designs are really inspiring and authentic. I love this cheerful explosion of colours. My favourites by far are Dhalia, Viaduct and Rosa. Thanks for posting, Alex . x

    July 19, 2012

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