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Antlers and Eskimos

The decorations have been in the shops for at least a month now, perhaps it is down to the commercialisation of Christmas that there is an increasing trend towards more simple and natural festive decorations.  This year, I am thinking rustic, white and cosy with a sprinkle of  silver magic and a few quirky twists.

This Christmas tree by John Lewis is perfect for giving a woodland Scandinavian flavour to proceedings, although I may just get hold of some real branches and give them a spray of  white. And how sweet is the Eskimo snow globe from Graham & Green?

These three guesso wooden stars by Cox & Cox are iconic and festive but simple enough to be displayed all year round.

I love the striking and earthy stag antlers from Horny Beasts but as I basically grew up in Bradgate Park where deer roam freely, the mortality of it is a bit too close to home and I think they may give us all the eeby jeebies. As an alternative, I am considering this chap from Graham and Green, I can imagine he would look lovely festooned with fairy lights. Just need to think of a name for him…

Image credits, top to bottom, left to right; John Lewis; Graham & Green; Laura Ashley; The White Co; Cox & cox; Tweedmill; Cox & Cox; Bloom; Graham & Green; Tweedmill; Cox & Cox; Rocket St George; Horney Beasts; Graham & Green; John Lewis; The White Co.

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  1. A lovely curated collection for christmas. Thanks for sharing and lovely meeting you Alex :)

    November 13, 2012
    • Thank you Geraldine, this was really just a self-indulgent mood board for my own decorations, so I am glad you like it too! I look forward to staying in touch via our blogs :-)

      November 14, 2012

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