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Lucky Charms and Boxing Hares

Take a look at the wallpaper from Barneby Gates and at first glance you will see quintessentially English designs, beautifully printed with luminous qualities.

But look again and you’ll begin to see humourous and quirky elements like the bees encompassed within a geometric honeycomb pattern or boxing hares that from a distance look like a traditional period design.

Left; Chairs, right; Boxing Hares

Left; Honey Bees, right; Dragonfly

Left; Deer Damask, right; Wild Meadow

These elegant and considered wall coverings are the joint creations of ex Vogue Living Editor, Vanessa Barneby and fellow Designer and Edinburgh graduate, Alice Gates.

Left to right, Lucky Charms wallpaper, Vanessa and Alice, Horse Trellis wallpaper, Wild Meadow wallpaper being printed in the UK

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Vanessa and she told me a little about what inspires them;

“Alice and I are childhood friends, we grew up in the countryside together. After 10 year spells working in London, we moved back to the country and set up Barneby Gates, it is now nature and our rural surroundings that inspire us on a daily basis. But then again, we glean inspiration from anything and everything – fashion, vintage textiles, a trip to an art gallery for example.”

“All of our designs are hand drawn to start off with, we are quite old fashioned like that. I like to see it on paper before playing around with the pattern repeat and scale on the computer.”

What I found extra impressive is that all of their papers are printed at one of the few remaining UK print works in the Midlands using traditional printing techniques and are PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) accredited, meaning the paper comes from well-managed sources.

Vanessa explained; “Manufacturing outside the UK was never an option for us. Apart from anything else, the quality of the printing here is so good, and when we first started out it was a real joy to discover that most of the huge names in the wallpaper world still print in the UK too.”

I love their approach and think these wallpapers are beautiful inside and out. I can’t wait to incorporate them in a scheme some time soon.

All images thanks to Barneby Gates.

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