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A shady business

Last Christmas, I decided a shady corner of my home needed an additional hit of colour and pattern. So began my  ‘research’ into DIY lampshade recovering. I am normally quite handy at this sort of thing, but this project foxed me (and my very helpful daughter).  One rather sticky ruined lampshade later, and a house with the lovely aroma of Copydex glue,  we concluded an off the shelf patterned lampshade would be a great idea.

I was disappointed at what was available for sale at the time,  but a recent design project has had me scouring the market for a patterned shade again and there is much more choice now, both from artisan makers and the high street.

Although they take up a small area, lampshades are a great way of introducing pattern, character and interest into a dull area. For those who are nervous about using colour and pattern, they can also be a safe inspirational starting point for a colour scheme that can be built on over time.

I particularly love the bold geometry of Parris Wakefield,  the rustic sweetness of Helen Minns and the quirky graphics of the shade from Laura Oakes. Perhaps there is a shady corner in your home that could sport one of these?

If you are feeling brave, you could try to better my attempt at covering an existing shade with either fabric or wallpaper. The number of tutorials out there reassure that it can be done with the right tools. Take a look at this one. Alternatively you can use a linen shade as a canvas and stencil or paint on decoration with acrylic paint, cut out fretwork decoration or apply appliqué fabric decoration; something I am currently considering. Oh will I ever learn?

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