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A wedding planner’s home office

I was pleased to recently be asked to design a home office for a wedding planner. Kerry Louise Clarke* has a wedding planning business which is really taking off. She creates amazing wedding themes and makes them happen working with a host of other professionals to deliver dream days.

*OK, before we go on I must admit that this time it is not actually a real-life brief, more of the KLC sort. Never-the-less I find it helps to keep a real client in mind, so…

Kerry’s home office is currently a shambles. She needs a productive office space that she can invite potential clients to, that also acts as an occasional guest bedroom. But to me when interpreting this brief, the first and foremost requirement was that was an impressive consultancy space that wows as much as the weddings she creates, one that wins business and facilitates productive meetings.

With this in mind, my conceptual musings were based around Kerry’s clients. What would impress them when seeking their perfect big day? I defined some words to drive the concept; modish, effervescent and romantic. I then chose concept images to drive the visual direction of the design (excuse the istock comps).

Concept and initial drawing

Concept and initial drawing

Lots of thought was given to the practical and functional aspects of the design, experimenting with various layouts. The resulting plan is a step away from the usual home office, it places consultancy seating in prime position in front of a real fire (for the many winter consultations) a coffee table for inspecting  sample books and wall mounted screen for viewing photographs and presentations.


Perspective on entering the room



The mid-century style furniture was chosen to add a modernist twist to the classic symmetrical layout and the plush of cotton velvet and shimmering linen add luxe and lift the scheme.

The colour scheme of taupe, grey and pink was chosen to evoke contemporary romance and is helped along by this effervescent artwork by Loughborough University graduate Georgina Vinsun. The modish geometric wallpaper by Osbourne and Little works with the larger scale graphic rug and finer scale voile to add pattern and textural interest throughout the space. The grey wooden floor earths the scheme.

The oval chandeliers sourced from Franklite act as decorative and accent lighting, adding sparkle and drawing the eye to the focal wall.  Additional concealed rope lighting runs around the upper edges of the room providing soft general light. Task lighting is provided by Original BTC, the etched mirror reflects daylight and a love poem.



Art lighting and mirror

Art lighting and mirror

Occasional guests are accommodated in a bespoke sofa bed. A modular coffee table on wheels becomes two bedside tables and the chairs push aside. Bedding and guest supplies are stored in alcove cupboards.

Practical work space is not forsaken, work takes place on this large bespoke sized desk by Dare Studio. Office devices and files are concealed in a wall of storage that is broken up with a display area.

Desk and storage

Desk and storage

Window treatment

Window treatment

The project is still work in progress, I need to do a few more sketches, draw in the dreaded office chair plus some accessories and do a bit more scheming for the adjoining hallway. And then final presentation to my client Kerry Louise… ahem, I mean KLC.

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  1. Kerry Louise will be delighted with this well planned, elegant and timeless scheme…

    January 7, 2013
  2. Thanks Sarah. I do hope so ;-)

    January 8, 2013
  3. Your drawings are brilliant, how do you get them looking this good, do tell! I love the fuschia pink scheme, very smart and stylish. Yes, Kerry Louise will be very impressed. Well done x

    January 8, 2013
  4. Thanks Sam. The perspective was drawn and inked by hand (to scale, like an elevaton in perspective), rendered in photoshop and then hand rendered to add texture. Do like a bit of colouring in! x

    January 9, 2013

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