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Preserving preserves

Apparently according to The Guardian, larders or pantries have come back in from the cold. The resurgence in home cooking and our revolt at wasting one-third of our food means larder cupboards are doing a roaring trade.

There is something wistfully nostalgic about the pantry and for me they have always been a room of yearning.  I remember my Grandma’s 1920’s store-room well. The chill obviously, and the faint aroma of lard. I recall the old tins, cakes under tea towels and jars of strange contents on wallpaper lined shelves. I also remember feeding the rhododendron with tea leaves, a peeling gazebo with flutterbys and a bomb shell amongst the rhubarb… but that’s all another story.

Cutting to the point, I think nostalgia is the root of the nations pantry fascination. For our generation, surely the idea of food organisation is much more appealing than the day-to-day reality, but perhaps meal time planning could be one of organised gleaming jars and deli ready baskets in a purposefully decorated room?

Where better to look for pantry inspiration than Daylesford Organics (above). Wouldn’t you love to grab your necessities from these bespoke top lit shelves? Whilst these stacked crates with pull out boxes offer an amiable utilitarian option.

Organisational basket heaven from H&M, but screenprinting your own baskets could prove the tipping point towards OCD. Alternatively pamper your preserves with their own wallpapered room, I agree not entirely necessary, but why not show your food some love?

This integral chalkboard is very useful especially the separate lower board to avoid your shopping essentials being wiped out for a bespoke ‘artwork’. Whilst this larder cupboard is a much more realistic option for many homes.

Unfortunately, I suspect many of these approaches would still not have the charm of my Grandma’s post war pantry and as I don’t presently have the space for my own personal Daylesford,  I shall dream on and preserve the memory of my Grandma’s preserves.

What features do others dream about in their perfect pantry I wonder?

Images top to bottom, left to right: Daylesford Organic; Daylesford Organic; H&M; ;;

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  1. Oh wow, they’re gorgeous! I’m very much a larder convert – never lived in a house with one, but we do have a modern built-in pull-out larder that family and friends are often incredibly jealous of!

    But you’re right, there’s some kind of romanticism about larders, and the ready-made food culture is definitely long-gone. More often than not I hear friends talk about going to their allotments/only looking at properties that have gardens so they can make vegetable patches…

    May 22, 2013
  2. Hi there Suzzy

    I agree, a veggie patch is the perfect partner to the pantry isn’t it? Its all about The Good Life!

    You lucky thing. The pull out larder is a great modern day alternative and actually much more to-hand than a walk in larder, although a bit tricky to wallpaper!

    Have a great Friday :)

    May 24, 2013

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